How it all starts

The registration takes up to 10 minutes. We will offer you to pass a test, which will help us to evaluate your risk acceptance (after this stage our AI assitant will offer you the most suitable instruments to invest in, availabke on the platform). So, you are all set to make your first investment on our Platform

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Next steps

  • We provide all our investors with 24/7 assistance on any tech questions, which could arose during your investment process;

  • We also provide our clients, who bought one of the subscription plans we offer, with advisory services and other additional services:

    • Additional due diligence of the borrowers;​

    • Legal assistance;

    • Preparation if your own investment plan;

    • Other financial advisory services;

  • You could also use our platfrom to assign receivables from those loans you invested in, in case you need liquidity fast;​

  • Moreover, you also could securitize the loans, you invested in by means of using our securitization facilities;

  • There are a lot other possibilities, available on the Platform, plase, contact us directly and we will consult you in details on them


We are happy to help and assist you on this pass to new are of P2P investments