How it all starts

  • Registration takes 2 minutes of your time;

  • We ask you to provide us with some personal data, needed to defibne your credit grade;

  • We also use consolidated market data to make our estimates more accurate; 

  • Based on this data we check your credit grade by means of using our exclusive internal rating model;

  • After this you are all ready to syndicate your first loan    

What's next

  • You are ready to construct your first P2P loan. Like in biscuit baking, You could use the whole universe of different tools and instruments, available on the platform: 

    • Diversified collateral tools;

    • Play with maturities and duration;

    • Additional loan conditions, like Reps and warranties, indemnity provisions and so forth;

    • Add convertation conditions;

    • Fixed or floating rates;

    • A lot of other conditions 

  • In case you don't want to do this on your own, you could use our free library of ready-for-use loan products;​

  • Moreover, our "Biscuit Bot" (AI-system) will consult you on the most attractive loan conditions, which, based on the demand analysis, will satisfy both: you and potential investor;

  • After syndicating your loan, all you need to do is wait for the investor, who accept your offer 





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